Improve team productivity

Boosting productivity using workflows and performance analytics

The rise of remote and hybrid working has added to the challenge of keeping core employees and support staff focused, engaged, and productive.

ENGAGE, our proprietary digital client platform, provides real-time access to analytics and automated workflow management. With streamlined workflows and meaningful insights, you can easily identify operational roadblocks, eliminate manual inefficiencies, and optimize resource allocation to achieve new levels of team productivity.

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Dec 17, 2021

Global Insights

As Omicron halts the return to the office, law firm leaders seek new opportunities for change

The Sandpiper Partners Working Differently London, 2022 virtual roundtable, couldn’t have come at a more interesting time. As concerns over…

Dec 03, 2021

Global Insights

There is no normal: rapid change requires resilience

Phil Muller, director of legal services at Williams Lea, explains why law firms need to make better use of data,…

Nov 12, 2021

Global Insights

The pros and cons of virtual pitching: Client engagement vs. the bottom line

The shift to virtual meetings during the pandemic forced a change in the dynamics of dealmaking among bankers and their…

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